Today, the Fischerinsel can no longer be seen as one of the oldest parts of the twin town of Berlin-Cölln. In the course of reconstruction, the historical town plan was relinquished. The result is a city field consisting of six residential towers in type construction. In between are public buildings such as a kindergarten and an indoor swimming pool. Within this building composition, the folding shell construction of the Ahornblatt restaurant served as a special urban planning symbol. In the course of a further transformation, the ´Ahornblatt‘ was gradually replaced by two mixed-use building blocks in 2000.

At first glance, the urban structure is conceived as a composition of free-standing structures. It is hardly changed by the newly constructed building blocks. Basically, two qualities of open space can be distinguished on site:

  • Ring: Along the water surfaces exists a continuous ring of public spaces. It consists of a riverside path and a riverside park.
  • Field: An internal space spans between the building structures, which is strongly determined by the position and requirements of the building. Accordingly, private open space, cars, parking spaces and enclosed private spaces are dominating.

In view of this patchwork of different building typologies and open spaces as well as future changes, an overarching order pattern is to be established for the open spaces. This is linked to the division of the area into field and ring described above. The aim is to hierarchize the rather fragmented spaces more strongly and thus increase orientation for visitors and passers-by. At the same time, the open spaces should become a natural part of the network of public spaces in the future.

According to the task, the concept focuses on the public ring. Recommendations for the further development of the field as an inland space are attached in the final part. The ring is composed of

  • the green embossed riverside park that occupies the eastern part of the peninsula
  • and the fortified riverside path along the quay wall, which encompasses the southern and south-western part of the peninsula.
ClientSenatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz Berlin
Tagslatest, Parks, Watersides, Realizations