The urban design concept for the district on the Schlossinsel (castle island) of Harburg puts a new spin on the elements of the former fortification and the industrial and port use. The proposed design elements are based on the requirements of the urban design concept.

The star-shaped park is enclosed as a generous open space by a surrounding frame. Its borders are formed by terraces that open up towards the water. The park wings keep the vistas to the surrounding water surface clear and stage the former castle building. Depending on the position of the park wing, the lawn fields are increased or recessed.

The park wings are mindgul of the planned circular routes. The scheduled path around the edge of the island allows park visitors to experience the Schlossinsel from along the waterfront. Harbour terraces, pontoons and piers are included in this tour.

A all round neighbourhood path connects the building plots and the quarter squares to one another. Following the historic location of the castle as a solitaire, a circular route leads around the former castle. The entire park area is barrier-free. By lowering three of the park wings, the shore area can be easily reached.