The country town of Gatow is part of a fabric composed of different landscape and settlement elements. These elements comprise the former shooting range, the gravel pit, the airfield, the recreational forest and the neighbouring settlement and village structures. Within these areas, the former airfield occupies a special position. Considering the particular qualities of the context, the following design elements are proposed:

  • open field/enclosure: The former airfield remains an open area. It receives a bordering and is linked to the surrounding settlement areas via of visual corridors.
  • landscape pictures: Inserted in the road enclosure, the airfield takes up intensively cultivated areas with two mowings per year and extensively cultivated areas with biennal autumn mowing. Their distribution and their cutting can vary over time.
  • contrasting landscape fragments: In contrast to the open airfield, the respective character of the surrounding landscape fragments (shooting range, gravel pit, recreational forest) is strengthened.
  • urban agriculture: Two islands outisde of the enclosure serve as test sites for different kinds of urban agriculture. Buffer areas are inserted between the settled areas and the islands. The areal disposition considers the visual corridors into the open field.