The South Panke Corridor connects the Invaliden Park with the South Panke Park. Cutting through block 604, it brushes against public open spaces as it crosses the Habersaathstraße, Planstraße and Chausseestraße.

The planned area is an elongated corridor made up of different sections of varying lengths and widths. A characteristic copse of poplars, maples and black locust trees runs alog the western edge of the corridor. The wooded border marks the course of the corridor by creating a recognizable spatial contour.

The course of the River Panke forms the backbone of the greenway. Its continuously flowing linearity is understood as the main connecting feature that allows for individual orientation and positioning within the open green space. At the same time, the Panke slightly changes course at several points, articulating multiple sections along the river, which offer changing perspectives on the surrounding environment. Encouraging the visitor to experience these described spatial effects, the riverside path is aligned parallel to the main path. The upper edge of the riverside path is slightly above the water level.

The course of the Panke’s flow creates niches on both sides of the river. The two areas are distinguished by their bank formations, tree linings, and different light and shade exposures.

Four entry areas make up the entreé to the open green space. The Panke and accompanying riverside path are embedded in the entrance areas, which are not dependent on the main square. The riverbed widens at the entrance areas. Descending a ramp and generous progression of steps, cyclists and pedestrians finally reach the river’s edge at water level.

ClientSenatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung
Berlin represented by Grün Berlin GmbH
Cooperationplanning with: Grigoleit Landschaftsarchitektur Umweltplanung, GGH Ingenieure, ifw Ingenieurbüro für Wassertechnik
Bauleitung: Büro Landschaft planen + bauen
realization with: Eckhard Garbe GmbH
Area1. BA 0,57 ha
2. BA 22,5 ha
Budget1,45 Mio EUR netto
Planning1. BA 2008/2009
2. BA 2016/2017
Realization1. BA 2010/2011
2. BA 2018/2019
PhasesLph 2-6 + 8
Awardda! Architektur in und aus Berlin 2013