The new local park is located between Kirchheim and Heimstetten. As a new centre and meeting place, it is to be integrated into local everyday life. For this purpose it assumes urban and functional tasks: Spatially it connects the superior footpaths and cycle paths; as a generous tableau it expands the existing spectrum of public uses and open spaces. The park design provides ordering elements that pick up on the morphology of the surrounding fields and local connections. This includes

  • a scaffolding of main and secondary roads,
  • a patchwork of differently cut meadow and garden fields
  • as well as the preservation of important traces of time, such as historical paths and existing woodland.

The local park is divided by a scaffolding that picks up the adjacent urban connections and links them with each other. As a recognizable connecting and orientation element, it connects all park areas with each other. The park itself is experienced as a sequence of different subspaces.

The path scaffolding consists of a main path, inserted explorer paths and crossings. It is connected via path arms, which stretch out to the entrance areas. Widenings in the course of the path as well as seating and recreation opportunities serve to consciously use the path area for staying. The existing pedestrian bridge to the northern part of the park is part of the path scaffolding.

The park entrances and the adjoining building plots are each bordered by a hem of trees and shrubs. Different types of groves are planned for this purpose. Depending on the adjacent use, different degrees of demarcation from the local park are planned. The woodland remains largely intact and will be integrated into the park.

ClientRegierung von Oberbayern
Tagslatest, Parks, Horticulturals, Competitions, Landscape Park