Düsseldorf's Media Harbour is characterised by a number of independent urban development features. These include diverse references between open spaces and water surfaces, a heterogeneous building stock in various grain sizes, as well as the accentuation of the harbour basins by means of architectural highlights.

The new development of the peninsula Kesselstrasse will develop step by step. Accordingly, it is important to determine superordinate features that will ensure coherence and orientation over the development period.

At the same time, there should be sufficient leeway for different types of users and their respective ideas. For this interplay of regulations and laissez faire, the following elements of order are proposed:

  • elongated building plots and spatial corridors: The development along Holzstraße, Uferstraße and Kesselstraße will be grouped into linear building plots.
  • visual relations and crossings: urban structures and harbour basins are linked by means of the most direct visual and path connections possible.
  • orientation and high points: two new high points serve as anchor and orientation points.
  • flexibility: the existing development is characterised by leaps in scale and correspondingly different grain sizes. The concept should therefore allow for different forms of development and plot layouts.

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