Karlsruhe Neureut lies at the between city and landscape. The features of the district include the proximity to various landscape and recreational areas - but also the patchwork of different urban areas. The urban design framework is based on these qualities. The design focuses on

  • the network of the different existing quarters and open spaces,
  • the protection and integration of existing wood structures
  • and the establishment of a reasonable urban density.

Taking into account the adjacent settlement and landscape areas, three different district units are proposed. Together they comprise a star-shaped green space. The area links the ‚New Center‘ on Neureuter Platz with the Kirchfeld district and the old town. The proposed shape takes into account a number of existing visual relationships. The stock is largely preserved.

Considering an economical land use, compact building typologies and access systems are proposed. The proximity to the adjacent green spaces should be experienced for as many residents as possible. Permeable typologies and a fine grained access system contribute to this.

Typologies and acess structures are mainly oriented to the adjacent open spaces. Taking account of the location and context, each quarter its organized around a unique spacial figure.

ClientStadt Karlsruhe
Tagslatest, Plazas, Urban Design, Frameworks, Competitions