The bank of the Danube opens up as a spacious landscape in front of Ulm’s old town.The jump in scale to the city core is amplified by city wall and gates. The littoral zone was created by landfill resp. bank regulations along the city wall. The special location as ‘landscape in front of the city’ constitutes the ideal setting for events such as the ‘Schwörrede’ and the ‘Nabada’. As a spatial motive, this framework is to be taken up for the reorganization of the waterfront:

  • To preserve the vastness of the riverside in the long term, a regulatory framework is proposed that relates the most important uses to one another.
  • The different bank sections are further developed into a sequence of sub-spaces, each of which has its own qualities. The order framework and sub-rooms also allow for development in stages. Moreover, the regulatory framework and sub-spaces allow for development in stages.
  • The contrast between city and waterfront is to be retained and emphasized. For this purpose, a material and color canon is proposed, which takes up the atmosphere of the river basin.

The bank of the Danube is intensively used as scope and recreational area. Additionally, the shore is to be protected as a green and natural space. Accordingly, a clear classification of areas of movement and stay is proposed: the corresponding regulatory framework consists of a central bank path, open lawns and playing fields and detailed plots for uses like playgrounds and gardens.

Along with the regulatory framework, a visual network is established, which simplifies orientation and positioning. From the city gates and the lookouts, the view to the Danube is always kept clear. The arrangement of piers, clumps of shrubs etc.makes allowance for this network.

The bank of the Danube is composed of different sections. Accordingly, the route guidance and the structure of the area are adapted to the context of the respective sub-section. The transitions between the sections are accentuated by lookouts. Depending on the location, they additionally offer special opportunities to make contact with the water.

ClientStadt Ulm, Fachbereich Stadtentwicklung, Bau und Umwelt
Tagslatest, Parks, Frameworks, Watersides, Realizations, Competitions