The sequence of Luitpoldplatz, Paradeplatz and Platz vor dem Weißenburger Tor is situated at the south-eastern edge of the city center of Germersheim. Functioning as a city entrance, as an element of orientation and as distributor, the sequence is to be rendered experienceable as a coherent urban space. To do so, the detailed cutting and the scale of the respective squares are to be considered.

As an overall design motif, an extended promenade bordering the different squares is proposed. Promenade and squares can be adapted to the respective requirements of the three urban spaces.

The promenade emphasizes the visual and pathway connections between the main road and the fortress area adjoining in the south. As the sequence’s backbone, it takes up on the urban spaces coming from different directions.The promenade consists of a strap of surface covering and an accompanying series of trees and illuminating steles.

The square includes green and stony sections. They enable the assembly of the square areas in different proportions and mixing ratios. The promenade and the squares are inserted into a cohesive areas of small stone pavement combining walking and driving areas.

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