The banks of the Rhine on both the side of Mondorf and Graurheindorf are part of a larger landscape zone. Yet they distinctively differ from one another. Because of the wetland area around the mouth of the Sieg, Mondorf's urban edge descends from the shoreline of the Rhine. On the left-hand side of the Rhine, though, both the settlements and the field structure touch the bank. The design proposal is based on the described diversity of the two waterfront areas. The suggested interventions concentrate on spatial focal points on both sides.

On the Mondorf side, the shore area is combined with a long, coherent strip of pastures. On the city’s side, these pastures are bordered by a stone edge. Parking lots are inserted into the enclosure. The parking spaces terminate with a small square, which connects the waterfront and the enclosure by a crossing path.

The grasslands themselves remain largely open. They are divided by single trees and groves. On the water side, they are accompanied by strung-out stone arches. The arches are composed of a stony edge and an accompanying path. As a pathway along the waterfront, they contact to the ferry station in the west and to the existing concrete ramp in the east.

ClientStadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Niederkassel mbH
TagsParks, Watersides, Mobility, Competitions