In the interplay between natural and cultural elements throughout the Loebauer valley, a multitude of attractive and exciting places emerge. The railway viaduct, the sugar storage facility and the lime kiln are important points of orientation for the area. The plateau of the former sugar factory subsequently accentuates the valley. In addition to the topography of the valley and its cultural and industrial landmarks, the area is characterized by extremely diverse natural areas and dense forests. The existing fabric of natural space and cultural artefacts should be largely protected and preserved.

The position of the sugar plateau has a special spatial relationship to the rest of the area. Following the existing bridgehead, the site is divided into two distinct areas. At the intersection of the two areas the bridgehead is connected with the viewing platform area of the plateau. This is followed by a ramp system that leads visitors from the main road into the valley. The existing route into the valley will remain as a second alternative pathway. The storage building will be only minimally refurbished.

The swimming pool and Hermannbad buildings are brought together as a band along Vorwerk Street. The compact arrangement and layout of the functional areas allow for a coherent and spacious lawn for sunbathing. The bent form of the swimming pool is derived from the topography and layout of the site. The bend in the basin leads up to the lawn area for sunbathers.


Ulrike Böhm, Cyrus Zahiri, Katja Benfer, Rite Leal, Anne Wex, Norman Jans, Annkristin Haeger, Alexandra Blechschmidt